Find The Owls Again

Can you find the Owlets in this photo? The above photo is a full-sized so when you click on it, you should be a able to see a little better.

Hint: Major Tom Peepers was in a pretty distinctive spot in the tree tonight.

I wonder which Owlet is Sleepy? This photo might give you a clue about where Sleepy and Mona Lisa were.

Western Tanager? Blue Grosbeak and Mystery yellow-bellied bird across the river at Beaver Point.

More Iris blooming.

Down by the river

How many faces can you find?

Lots of clouds. Lots of brush strokes. Not as much reds and oranges as I was hoping for.

43 thoughts on “Find The Owls Again

  1. The painter knew exactly why he didn’t add more oranges and yellows. He wanted to match your flowers! You’re right though, he did add many faces [about 6 on the second one and 4 on the third, but I’m sure there are more!]. I’m afraid I only spotted one, Major Tom Peepers!
    Thank you for the multiple treats!

    • You got to see the close ups. Lots of faces in the clouds last night. Thanks, Frank.

  2. What a wonderful set of photos! I saw Major Tom, but I’m not sure about Sleepy and Mona Lisa. The Iris is beautiful, the sky is amazing, each photo is a world unto itself! Thanks for sharing Tim!

    • Major Tom has flown from the tree. The others are soon to follow. Thanks, Tiffany.

  3. Lovely colors! The flowers match the sky! It’s a bit of a stretch, but I see one half-formed and wrinkly face in the first pic! :’)

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