The Skies Must Be Crazy

Swallows from below and above.

Rose in the late afternoon light.

Bird on a line, owlets in the cottonwood. Sleepy is wide awake.

Moon through clouds.

They sky was crazy tonight. It had me running from one end of the property to the other the get all the angles.

Intermission: I walked up to the fence along the north side of the property to do another panoramic photo, and got a horse kiss.

The end of the crazy skies.

37 thoughts on “The Skies Must Be Crazy

  1. Oh wow wow WOW!!!!!!!! I mean really WOW! Painter really went overboard and I can just picture you running from one side to the other to capture the masterpieces! And on top of that a kiss by a horse?!!!!! Talk about abundance of treats!!!!

  2. What a pulchritudinous plethora of photographs. LOL just awful. But really, this needs big words to describe SO MUCH natural beauty. Thanks for chasing it around and sharing with us. 🙂

  3. I enjoyed your selection of photos, Tim! The sky was indeed beautiful there, and I love the horse mug shots!

    Roses are budding out here now, but not open yet. Too cloudy here last night, no moon visible.

  4. Oh Tim, I love nature walks. When I look up at a blue sky and feel the earth hold my feet, I feel part of something so grand that is beyond description. It is enough to just be present in the moment. That is what I felt when I stepped into your world this morning. Thank you for adding joy and beauty to my day.

    • You are welcome, Rebecca. It’s so nice to be able to step outsite and be surprised by what the painter has to offer from day to day.

    • Practicing on the swallows. Difficlt subjects. Major Tom has flown, the others are soon to follow. Thanks, Brian.

  5. Wow, stunning skies! Thanks for running up and down the property for us, Tim! And thank you for sharing the horse kisses, it’s been a while! 😉🐴

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