36 thoughts on “Heritage Hopper

  1. The hopper has great taste about its choice of seat, and you the shot. Excellent contrast between fluid Heritage curves and hopper angularity. Artful shot.

  2. This little hopper has landed in some very fancy digs. His tiny feet are sinking ever so softly into a bed of sweet petals and his antennae detects the most beautiful aroma.. lucky little hopper. Such a lovely photograph Timothy. 🌸

  3. Lovely! Is that a rose? It’s so full. Do the grasshoppers eat the flowers? Grasshoppers are really sci-fi looking. Dragonflies, on another hand are from a fantasy fairy land. I think fairies do ride them!

    • Hi Resa. It’s a David Austin rose, which is a modern version of an old-style rose. Grasshoppers eat most everything that is plantlife.

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