58 thoughts on “Red Sky at Night…

      • BTW. Gabriela. The owls and owlets serenaded us with a Concierto de Hoots and Peeps in Owl Major from our trees, most likely your tree, early this morning.

      • I always send your love their way. I believe they appreciate it.

      • I saw and photographed daddy owl tonight. He was out owling about in the darkness.

      • Wow. The sky is on fire!
        Here, it is 8:30 pm, they say thunderstorms at 10 (but I no longer believe them because they’ve been calling for them for two weeks now and we’ve barely had a spit.) The skies are still a mix of clouds with barely a sunset in sight… Course I am not in the best place to see it…though I get some little idea…

      • The storm blew through here with wind and dust, but the rain petered out before it got to us. I had washed my car so I figured we would get a muddy rain. No rain. Only clouds, wind, dust and a beautiful sunset. Thanks, Dale.

      • Doesn’t look like we’ll get it. Mind you, I just realised it’s pretty cloudy. it’s still 84 but feels like 97 at 9:15…
        There’s a great breeze. I think if I lie down on the lawn chair I could fall asleep! Course, I’d probably get eaten alive by the Skeeters…

      • When we have clear skies it cools off nicely at night. But if there are clouds, the heat lingers and the skeeters love it. Our skeeters don’t bother us much, but when people from town visit, the skeeters are like vampires discovering new blood and eat our guests alive. In the days before COVID cooties, when we had occasional guests, we’d light lots of skeeter candles and have the Deet spray readily available. Out here if we fall asleep outside on the deck, who knows what critters we might wake with.

      • Oh dear! I have a recipe I’m gonna try. I need three stale (cheap) beers, three cups Epsom salts and one bottle of blue (again, cheap) mouthwash. Mix and put into a spray bottle. Spray all the areas you hang around – apparently, this lasts up to 30 days then you spray again. Got my ingredients and am trying this tomorrow!
        Yeah. Maybe not a good idea to fall asleep in your neck. Here, I might get a skunk or groundhog or squirrel. Rabbit, if I’m lucky!

      • I just caught a baby squirrel in the house and put it back outside. I coaxed another baby squirrel out from under the refrigerator on Sunday morning and put it outside. This is the first time the kitties have brought squirrels into the house.

        The one on Sunday would make a chirping sound like a smoke alarm that has a low battery. That’s how I finally found it under the fridge. It growled and snarled and acted quite viciously while I was coaxing it out from under the refrigerator. Both of them bit my glove as I walked out to let them go at the far east end on the property. Vicious little critters, but I can’t blame them.

      • Thanks, Christine. There was lots of wind that blew through before the clouds started breaking up.

  1. Peter Gabriel and my Protagonist in โ€œPrecent Remembranceโ€ are proud.โ€ Well, Maybe I canโ€™t speak for Peter Gabriel, though I can speak to the characters in my own work. They are PROUD of this image, as am I.

      • Amen to that. It feels a bit like what a Merman enjoying a swim in the magma, maybe splashing out some lava for fun. Itโ€™s so peaceful and majestic and intense and calming and exhilarating all at the same time.

    • Thanks, Tiffany. I thought I commented on your last but the comment didn’t post. Might have gone to spam.

  2. What a great moment! Colourful skies like this are a good reason to live on the countryside, I learned for myself, when living in the city.

    • Thanks, Puzzleblume. Fortunately for people who live on the eastside of Albuquerque, they get a moch better view of sunsets like this than we do from down in the valley. But your right. You don’t get views like this in big cities with tall buildings.

  3. Wow! This is another great shot, what a beautiful photograph… The colours are so amazing!

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