Critter Update

Daddy Owl silhouetted at dusk

Last night there was not much of a sunset, but daddy owl flew up on a tree well after sundown so we could see him in silhouette. He stayed on the tree until I was able to walk around where I could get him in profile in the afterglow. An Osprey flew overhead and then a beaver was out basking in the twilight on the east bank of the river.

Daddy Owl in profile at twilight

Osprey overhead

Beaver basking in the twilight

Beaver on the east bank grooming at twilight

43 thoughts on “Critter Update

  1. It’s so good to see Daddy Owl again. I wonder if the babies have flown off on their own. It’s very busy there, so many Amazing creatures doing what they do. Great shots Tim.

    • Hi Holly. The babies are still around, we aren’t out late enough to see them. As I mentioned to Gabriela the other night, the owls and owlets were in one of our trees, probably her tree, and they serenaded us with a Concierto de Hoots and Peeps in Owl Major into the wee hours of the morning

      • I have to wake up enough to do that. I have recordings of the owls, but I only used them in one parody.

      • Thanks, Holly. The video is really silly. I’m happy you got some enjoyment out of it.

      • That’s great you got a laugh. I can’t say enough how much we need to laugh. I need something to laugh about. I’ve been super cranky because technology is driving me crazy. All this stuff that’s sposed to work together, doesn’t. A lot of crap we don’t need is being forced on us. I have no patience for having to constantly deal with broken connections and non-functional tech.

      • You do make me smile and sometimes laugh out loud which is sorely needed these days that’s for sure. If I could think of something crazy to make you less cranky I would do it, I’ll have to get with Resa and see what wild and. Crazy things we come up with. We are so dependent in on these gadgets right now it’s frustrating. Hang in there and give us a smile. 🦉🦉

      • You two will have no problem coming up with something wild and crazy.

    • Hi Gabriela. I’m always happy to make your evening a little better. The beavers look like happy little bears. Daddy owl was in the same place, same time again tonight.

      • You did make my evening better. The beavers do look like little bears. I’ve never seen a beaver in reality. I’m learning from you.
        Thank you for everything Timothy.

  2. I am loving how where you live, through these posts Nd your excellent eye for visual storytelling through the lens and in the shot, is turning into a fluid expression of The Place of Creation.

  3. I love that you know when it’s Daddy or Mommy or Small Baby or Big Baby… I guess when you’ve spent all this time observing them, you get to really know them. Such a wonderful gift.

    • Hi Dale. I can tell mama from daddy by their size and slight differences in color. It’s now difficult to tell the owlets apart.

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