Day In The Life Of Inchcock

I made this parody back in 2017. Inchcock did a post recently on memories about when he was in the hospital after he had a stroke. The post made me think of all the getting out and walking about Nottingham Inchcock did before and after his stroke, up until he was put in home jail where he’s been locked up in solitary confinement for months due to the COVID cooties. Of course, being placed in solitary confinement with much less access to medical services increases his risk greatly, but good old Inchcock takes his pain in stride and presses on entertaining us with the daily details of his dealings with life in solitary confinement.

A Day in the Life of Inchcock
Music by the Beatles
Lyrics by Timothy Price

Great pain, high spirits today oh boy
A lucky man standing by the Methodist Church
I think I should be rather sad
But I just had to laugh

I took the photograph
Out the window, mind you houses and cars
Off to Sherringham for shots, so quick, times have changed
Nicole the nurse she just stood and stared
Trying to stop my blood
Was this really it
Was I off to see the Lord

A Whoopsiedangleplop today oh boy
The phone went off a dingling and a dangling
T’was the nurse bitching about my ambling
‘You’re not in your Flat?’
And you don’t have the book
I’d love to turn you Down

Got back, had a Weeee!
Refreshed, and accident-Free!
Got back out front and had a cup
Doorbell rang and I noticed it was late
It was the Nurse she had no hat
Up the lift in seconds flat
She had a firm, tight end that was smokin’ hot
She poked me in the tummy and I came out of my dream…

Great pain, high spirits today oh boy
Four thousand holes poked in me tummy there were
Although the holes where rather small
I couldn’t count the lot
We still don’t know how many holes it takes to fill old Inchcock

I’d love to turn you Down

27 thoughts on “Day In The Life Of Inchcock

      • You are more than welcome. Then over here down south in England we have this abso chinless twat who does the Government briefings cos Johnson can’t be bothered, called Hancock. Not too far from where we live there’s a trades’ van parked on a main road, its recent graffitied-by-the-owner-addition, are the immortal and respectful words,’ Hancock’s a tit.’

  1. I hope my brother-in-law can have the same wonderful spirit as Inchcock. He was operated on Wednesday for a triple-bypass – he’s all of 49…

    • Thanks, Tiffany. Yes, that was Laurie in the elevator. We used the lift to get to the apartment we rented in Paris in 2013.

  2. That was a very funny parody! Big enjoyment, with lots of super neat shots in the vid. Thank you!
    Now. I think I’ll visit Inchcock. The name is hysterical!

    • Thanks, Holly. He will tell you that “something” is rather small, as per the name. But good old Inchy can make you laugh in a big way.

  3. Thanks a million, Sir.
    That’s jolly good of you to publish this masterpiece again, Tim.
    I enjoyed it just as much as the first time!
    I was going to jump off of the balcony, but I won’t now. (I’ve lost the key to the door) Hahaha!

    • Inchcock comes up with all kinds of great words. Not long after Inchy and I started following each other, I had to get up on the roof of the house to fix something early one morning. There was a thin layer of ice on the roof I could not see. I stepped on the ice, my feet slipped out from under me, I dangle in the air for a split second, then I plopped down on the roof. It was a perfect example of a whoppsiedangleplop. Thanks, Marina. I’m happy you enjoyed it.

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