34 thoughts on “Two Lost Soles by a Concrete & Metal Pole

    • I finally figured out what you saw as a hammer. It’s the grounding pole for the gas line. The way it got concreted in, the ground wire clamp looks like a hammerhead.

    • Thanks, Amy Rose. I was puzzled by David and you seeing a hammer. There’s no hammer. But then I finally noticed the grounding post for the gas line looks a bit hammer-like. The part that looks like a hammerhead is the ground wire clamp. When the ally was concreted in 2016, the concrete covered the round wire.

      • Lol, if only my praise was. But truly, I love these quirky photographs you some times do and the captions. Always get a wee smile.

      • Pink Floyd helped out with the title. I’m happy you get a smile, even if it’s a wee one.

  1. Tim you have a talent for finding the mundane and making it fascinating. There really isn’t anything attractive about any of those things, but you found the angle and way to present it that made it a lovely and intriguing composition. Hugs on the wing!

  2. The sneaks are positioned like in that old game Twister. Maybe this person went out a Twister champ?
    Maybe someone chucked their shoes for someone else to find.
    Cool pic, Tim!

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