¡Hace Calor!

The forecast for Corrales was for 105º F (40.6º C). Our thermometer, which was in the shade at 16:18, showed 103.9º F (39.95ºF). The weather app on my phone showed 106º F (41.1º C) at 16:24. The air was dry at 17% humidity outside. It was hot and dry enough that the water feed into our evaporative air-conditioner could not keep up with the evaporation rate. The water level would fall below the pump’s inlet, so it could not pump water up to the pads until the water filled the base back up enough for the pump to suck up water and send it to the pads, where the water would evaporate quickly, and the water level would fall below the pump’s inlet again. If the water wouldn’t have been evaporating faster than the water filling the base of the cooler, the temperature in the house would have been 5 to 10 degrees cooler.

So what do the kitties do when the temperature is over 100º F outside? They lie around inside where the temperature 22 degrees cooler than outside.

Sasha cooling off on the base of the treadmill.

Marble stretched on the box on the table on the treadmill.

Loki giving me that “You’re bothering me boy!” look on the self in front of the treadmill.

Loki ignoring the paparazzo to concentrate on an electrifyingly cool nap.

Spunk discovered that lying in a small box in front of the cooler increased the airflow.

Silver in his favorite box on the table.

48 thoughts on “¡Hace Calor!

  1. That is hot. We are sharing your heat, though about 10 deg cooler. The main ranch house uses a heat pump – cools in the summer, warms in the winter. The temps run about the same for a furnace/central air set-up. Spunk needs a new small box, same for Silver.

  2. Your cats make me smile, Timothy, so sweet! That’s a dandy weather station, so much more info than my little tabletop. Stay cool, guys! 🥶

    • Thanks, John. The weather station does its job, but there are some things I would like it to do that it doesn’t do like recording daily highs and lows. It only stores all-time highs and lows which can be useful, but not like daily highs and lows. We were a weather station for NOAA for ten years. We got all kinds of daily, weekly, and monthly data with the instrumentation they had installed on the property.

  3. That is the thing to do in really hot weather, find cooler place and sleep it off. Cats have it down pat! I think we got into the upper 70s here today. Warm, but still pleasant.

  4. Ah, the pleasures of a swamp box. I remember them well from my time in Tucson. The kitties know how to make the best of any situation, don’t they?

  5. Please, if possible, could you send some heat over to this part of the world. So far, we’re having a very cool summer, way too cool… I’m missing the heatwave from a month ago…
    The positions of the kitties remind me of Jimi during our first heatwave. So funny to see but now we need warmer sunny days!

    • It was 58º this morning when I let the kitties out. They are frisking around ransacking things before it gets to hot to raise hell.

      • 58 is chilly for my blood! It’s already 87 F and expected to hit 95 F later. We’ve been having thunderstorms every afternoon around 4 and that cools things down a bit. Have a great day Tim.

      • It’s 9:55 and up to 81º. It’s supposed to be 100º today. We are starting to get thunderstorms in the PM also.

  6. The kitties were smart! This afternoon (Monday) the little storm blew through and the temperature plummeted to 80 degrees F. It was great! 🙂

  7. I guess I won’t complain about my temps… which matched yours last week… maybe a degree or so less… Ugh. And I worked in my little hell-hole which was a “cool” 34.5 C…

  8. Hahaha! obviously Spunkie-Poo has the best flow/dynaflow education.
    It’s just as hot here, Tim! Never used to be. It’s the last 10 years that have betrayed the change in climate.

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