28 thoughts on “The Passenger

    • No. No spitting. Just hanging out and having fun. I think he was having fun anyway. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

    • Hi Holly. There was a larger grasshopper that jumped on to the hood as I was leaving one morning, made his way up to the windshield wiper and hung on for 17 miles until I parked downtown. He managed to hang on at 75 mph on I-25. I was surprised. He ended up in a new environment.

  1. Hahaha! Nice dash! Good thing you closed in on the little fellow, or I might have missed him/her.
    As you close in ….The Passenger could become a horror move about hitchhiking grasshoppers that grow to atomic proportions from exposure to Magic Cleaning Sticky Gel – Car Sticky Cleaner.

    • I love how your imagination kicks into gear, and rolls out great ideas for cool stories. Thanks, Resa. I’m sure there are people who would see that tiny grasshopper as a giant monster ready to have them for lunch.

  2. He is a tiny little cutie! We have green grasshoppers all over our plants this year. I never realized how much damage they can do when they gang up like that!

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