Silver Sleeping

Silver’s tail almost crept away from him while he was sleeping.

His tail slipped back into place as Spunk entered the scene.

Silver was not sure what Spunk was up to.

Silver seemed to think it was safe to get more shuteye once Spunk settled in.

Silver’s not sure of Loki’s intentions.

43 thoughts on “Silver Sleeping

    • Silver’s a looker. We have Spunk, Silver, Loki, Marble and Sasha. One of our staff has come up with a cute black kitten that needs a home. We’ll see.

  1. Well Spunk seems to say “Silver you do not even rate a glance.” Silver also seems to know that Loki is up to no good. His eyes are too alert to what is coming, as Loki is giving the evil eye. Feline drama…

    • Sometimes they like having me join them, but usually they just get insultated. Thanks, Herman.

  2. There is something very appealing about sleeping cats, especially if they are knocked out in a sunbeam.
    Silver is adorable, and I’m very happy Spunkie – Poo πŸ’‹ did not ruin his nap!

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