Greetings From Little Owl

One the branch staring me down.

We haven’t seen the little owls for a couple of weeks. When the smoke descended upon us the owls seemed to say “¡Hasta la vista! Babies!” and disappeared. Over the past week, we had heard them eeping, but we couldn’t find them in the trees. Various people mentioned hearing the owlets and seeing them fly into the bosque, but sightings, where the owlets are perched on a branch eeping and watching people, had become scarce.

Last night when I was walking to 4th of July Point at sunset, I heard eeping, and I found this little owl on a branch behind the Tangle Heart Tree. Laurie walked up and we could hear the other owlet eeping deeper in the bosque south of the Tangle Heart Tree, but I couldn’t find it.

Taking a closer look at the pesky paparazzo.

Half-moon in the Tangle Heart Tree

The owlet flew back behind other branches.


46 thoughts on “Greetings From Little Owl

  1. I’m so glad to see the baby Owl and in their ( and my) favorite tree. It’s just perfect for them. They can get a good look around from there. You got some beautiful shots! Thank you!

  2. Spectacular post.
    I must have that Tangle-Heart! It’s witching time!
    Uch… comment troubles. Sent a notice to WP. Even that hat issues.
    I’ll be back!
    Little owls…… whoooo whhooo are you…. luv youhooo!

  3. They are well camouflaged in the tree. Thanks for sharing their story with us Tim.

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