47 thoughts on “My Chair

  1. Love her expression. As if to to say, “Yes, this is my chair. You interrupt me why? The pursed lips and quizzical look are a priceless and wonderful example of cat’s … “Yes?” SO implying, “Do you have a point, or are your just… feel free to respond, though know… well, that’s your stiff. DO you have a point?” Love the LOL unsaid. This is just a telling pic, says most of it all.

      • I’ve been doing Duolingo for language practice. It’s amazing the totally off the wall, and completely out of context words autocorrect on my phone, and especially on the aging, ailing iPad I’ve been using, adds to the answers I type in. I should write them down to use in lyrics, but I’m so mad at either not noticing in time, and getting the answer wrong, or having to delete whole phrases and reenter them that I forget what the stupid phrases were.

      • AutoCorrect has risen to the star of a bully on the playground. In the 80’s I had an friend who was an Ethical Hacker = Security Business rip out spell-check from my Office. It worked, and then came along Autocorrect… for which… I LOL ,,, have no words. 🙂

      • Sasha has bad alergies, so I have to give her prednisolone, which makes her fat. She has turned into a badger of a kitty. But it’s amazing how fast and agile she is for being a big fat cat. She can hold her own when defending her occupation of my chair.

  2. You caught her with that wonderful expression on her face! “Whooooo meeee? Move?”
    Such a sweet little one! Have a lovely day everyone!

  3. Sasha’s expression made me laugh, Tim! It was as though she is saying …. how dare you! LOL What a catch! My cats do not like my camera. Perhaps I just ought to have it out more often so they get used to it.

    • Thanks, Amy Rose. She was saying how dare you? She was very annoyed with me. Most of our kitties are pretty good models. I’m really happy it made you laugh. We all need to laugh more.

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