36 thoughts on “Spider Lilies

  1. Spider lily is a nice name. The orange-ones we name ‘fire-lily’ in German.
    The upwards-striving lines are matching perfectly with your fantastic capture of the thunderstorm.

      • My pleasure. You are so talented Timothy. Thank you for asking about Maya. You know what she did last night? She left the bed and went to sleep downstairs on the sofa where she used to sleep while we were away. She slept the entire night by herself! It never happened before. Anyway, this morning she took her medication and she let me take several shorts of her. She is really unhappy and I cannot figure out why.

      • Maya’s giving you the cold kitty shoulder? My kitties are not sleeping with me as much because it’s warmer at night. They are sleeping in their hammocks and in boxes on the floor in the dance room where it’s a little cooler. By morning, Spunk, Loki and Silver might be stretched out at our feet our between us, but not piled on me like they do when it’s cold out.

    • Thanks, Holly. I don’t think the dust will reach this far west, we’ll see. On the upside, Sahara dust is supposed contain lots of minerals essential for plants and reefs. I guess you just have to “cough it out” and try not to “suck it up!”

    • Thanks. We have a lot of what we call Tiger Lilies. They are a little different. Not as spidery.

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