47 thoughts on “Viceroy on the Rio Grande

    • Thanks, Lavinia. The viceroys have been a bit allusive, but this one stayed close and let me get with in a few feet of him.

  1. The animal kingdom always teach us… Though the wing may not be whole, he [or she] lives as if it was whole! First time I noticed that was with amputated pets. It’s us humans who add the emotion of sadness or lack. 😉 Beautiful captures, Tim!

    • Thanks, Holly. Speaking of beautiful among wild flowers, Resa’s come up with a new character: Foxy Holly. She mentioned one of the better videos of Jimi Hendrix is a performance of Foxy Lady, but she didn’t include it in the post because it was by boogapony Holly, not Foxy Holly. I told her she came up with a new character because I thought Foxy was fitting.

  2. Amazing that that huge chunk out of the wing does not affect the flying ability. Lovely shots!
    I’m still thinking about what a Foxy Holly might look like, and her story. Maybe she’s a cousin of Boogapony Holly? Boogapony can’t go on tour during Covid. Maybe they could do a virtual performance together?
    Anyway, right now I’m looking at drawings I did over a year ago of Charlotte Hoather. We were going to do an Art Gowns post together, but she was too busy touring/performing. We are revisiting that, now. Just as I have links on where to buy books, I’ll have the links to where download her music. The royalties are small, but they are still royalties!

    • Hi Resa. Butterflies can fly with an amazing amount of dammage to their wings. Holly is really good looking, and I think most of your drawings of her brings out her foxiness. She has red hair, so orange, white and black would be good colors for Foxy Holly.
      This shutdown is so hard on performing artists, and Charlotte has so many cool things going on. I know you will put a fantastic post together to show off and honor Charlotte and her amazing voice.

      • I’m waiting for some feedback from Holly on the Foxy character. I have suggested some red in the hair, and dark(er) eyes. Black and white could work in a mix, too! Also, bangs and a shorter 60’s style… like maybe a swing cut.
        I think she might always wear black stockings, like those red foxes with black legs.
        Anyway, definitely a new character to evolve.
        I just went over the sketches I did of Charlotte a year and more ago. I’m very happy with how much I have improved. This is partly due to the support (you, Holly, Gi all the Art Gowns Models, and more) I got at the beginning of posting my drawings, and still to now.
        Now, I like 3 drawings of the 20 I did of Charlotte. I will be drawing her to her music!

      • All that drawing practice pays off. It’s like when I play scales on the guitar for practice. I like your concept for Foxy Holly. Black stockings would be perfect.

      • Your guitar playing is fab!!!
        Foxy Holly is down the road, a bit. I pitched the idea that if Boogapony can’t take her show on the road, we could do a virtual performance.
        What software do you use for superimposing? I need to be on my laptop! I just don’t know how people do art on their phones.

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