Lunar Eclipse 7/4/2020

The peak of the eclipse at 10:30 pm MDT.

There was a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse tonight, July 4, 2020. The moon was so bright, I couldn’t see any changes to it besides the clouds drifting by adding a little drama to the scene. It was rather anticlimactic, but I photographed in anyway.

The tracker on my screen showed the coverage at the peak on the eclipse.

A cloud drifting by at 10:07 pm gave an eclipse look to the moon.

9:40 pm clouds striping across the moon.

9:45 pm cloud eclipse.

31 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse 7/4/2020

    • Thanks, Holly. The moon is very persistent it’s many ways of being. Tugging on tides and lovers’ hearts, capturing spirits, lighting the darkness, giving werewolves and canines a howl, owls a hoot, and banshees a screech. The moon never tires of playing hide and seek, slowing peeking out night after night until it shows its face in full, then waining peeks until it’s hidden again, releasing spirits to roam in the cover of darkness.

      • Just as I suspected , you are a true poet at heart.
        “ silver deity of the night
        The moon, that eternal muse”.
        Author unknown. 🌖

    • A moody moon before midnight. That’s a poem waiting to happen. Thanks, Shehanne.

      • Oh please write that. I jsut thought every picture got moodier and I loved it because we just tend to see pics of the nice, pale moon.

    • Looking like Jupiter was much more interesting than the eclipse. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  1. That’s so cool, Timothy! I had heard about this and forgot about it. Probably because my area sounded like a war zone last night with the insane amount of fireworks being launched, wow.

    • I thought about using my hand to make the eclipse, a la Marina, but the clouds worked better. Thanks, Marina.

  2. I see you survived the recent end-of-the-world (EOW) event – lunar eclipse and last night’s meteor fly-by over Tokyo. Godzilla was nowhere to be seen.

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