65 thoughts on “Friday’s Flowers

    • Thanks, Tiffany. I was wondering if they would bloom, but they are making a good effort.

      • Thank you Timothy. I am doing very well. Still positive about life and cheerful. I hope you are doing well too. Have a good Sunday.

      • Do you watch the tour de France, also? Laurie’s mom is watching it. She loves sports, also.

        Our favorite coffee roaster made special flavored coffee beans for our Football team (Soccer out here). Did you ever have biscochitos (cookies) and red chile when you were in the southwestern USA? The Somos Unidos coffee flavor is bischochito and red chile together. It has quite a bite to it.

      • Yes, of course, I also watch the Tour de France which started yesterday Saturday. And I also watched the Roland Garros Tournament.
        As for the “biscochitos” cookies, I ate them when I was in the States and they are really delicious and tasty. However, I have not tasted the Somos Unidos coffee. It must be very good too and spicy.

      • Thank you Timothy for The Somos Unidos coffee link. I’ll save it if I want to order some. I love coffee and cappuccino. This coffee will take me on a travel 😍☕

  1. Beautiful! We have a small patch, in our small patch. They are blooming now.
    Will you have water in the irrigation ditch all summer?

    • H Resa. Normally we have water in the irrigation ditch from April 1st until the time changes in November, and we can irrigate every two weeks. I would have irrigated 8 times by now in a normal year. I have irrigated 3 times this year. I might be able to irrigate one or two more times, but last Thursday might have been the last.

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