Green Eyed Lady

Green Eyed Lady. Lovely Lady.

Clouds spilling over the crest of the Sandias.

Gary Grasshopper listening to a course on the New Testament while riding to and from work with me.

The Beetle is singing “I love you! Yah! Yah! Yah!”

View from the Rio Grande looking south.

Our lovely green eyed lady again.

A Crab Spider caught a Pearl Crescent butterfly.

Gary Grasshopper enjoying being ran through the gears

The sunset looking east.

The sun trying to break through the clouds in the west.

52 thoughts on “Green Eyed Lady

  1. Lovely panorama’s and great collection of insects. You had a nice friend in your car that day 😉
    The Sandias look very special with the clouds on top.

    • Thanks, Rudi. Gary Grasshopper was having fun. Good thing it was a cool day to spend in the car. I put him back out when I got home. The Sandias always look a little different.

  2. For ‘full-disclosure’ reasons I am compelled to admit:
    I have a weakness and a soft-spot in my heart for bugs and have spilt quite a lot of virtual ink upon them on my blog.
    If interested you may discover most of those ‘buggy’ (pun intended) posts simply by typing ‘ants’ or ‘spiders’ or ‘crud eaters’ into the search for it black hole on the upper right side of my home page.
    Yes, yes, I know: this is shameless self-promotion.
    But I am sincere in my appreciation of your work.

    Wonderful post and great photos.
    Well done!
    Cheers to you!

  3. While the painter was creating abundantly (wows… lots of them!), those tiny creatures were on the catwalk for you! Though not my favorite beings out there, I have to admit they are great looking! One of them would like to drive your car too!

    • That’s a scary thought. Although he would probably be a better driver than at least half the maniacs out here. Thanks, Couriers.

  4. Incredible celebration of the glory of summer, Timothy. The Rio Grande photos and sky photos are dazzling, and fun to see the insects up close, especially the crab spider catching the butterfly.

  5. There is so much to your posts, Tim. First off – I’ll be singing Green Eyed Lady all day long:

    Green eyed lady, lovely lady
    Strolling slowly towards the sun
    Green eyed lady, ocean lady
    Soothing every raging wave that comes

    Then there is the lecture by Bart. D. Ehrman, which I have been meaning to look into. Would you recommend his books? They sound very interesting to me.

    Then there is the sky which feels like I could fly. And then your exotic and detailed photos of the Green Eyed Lady and friends. You always give a feast for the eyes.

    • Hi Rebecca. Laurie got after me for getting the song stuck in her head.

      I have not read Erhman’s best sellers, but I have read a couple other of his books, the most recent was “Did Jesus Exist?: The Historical Argument for Jesus of Nazareth” published in 2012. I don’t remember it was super compelling. His perspective on the New Testament is excellent. He has become more agnostic over the years, and more cynical it seems to me. I first heard him speak at a conference put on by the Biblical Archaeology Society in 2004. He was fascinating and compelling, so I started getting his lectures from the Teaching Company. I’ve noticed in the different lectures, he recycles a lot of the same material, but I do enjoy is courses.

      I love all our little critters. The Green Eyed Lady is a native bee.

      • Thank you, Tim. I just downloaded the The New Testament on The Great Courses. Tell Laurie I am still hearing Green Eyed Lady in my head. I think it reminds me of a wonderful time in my life.

      • Let me know what you think about it. I’m listening to How Jesus Became God by Erhman. He covers some of the same material, but gets much deeper into the Greco-Roman history and gods and other people who were similar to Jesus at the time, like Apollonius of Tyana, who the pagans argued was to true son of God and Jesus was a fake into the fourth century.

  6. Eeeeeeeeek!
    Okay,I’m calming down. I like (mmm respect) insects, but they really look like aliens.
    The beetle is very scary. That green eye…OH MY!
    Great shots, Tim!

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