Spider & Speed

I hope you don’t mind if I get some climbing practice in on your screen? BTW I’m Mighty Mike.

While I was working on the schedule for NM Tech, a jumping spider named Mighty Mike dropped onto my MacBook Pro to check what condition his condition was in, and then he promptly climbed up my screen and then hung out on top of it for a while striking various spiderly poses.

Laurie’s been teaching her high school math classes from home for the past couple of months, and I’ve been mostly working from home for the past six weeks. Laurie is on video conference for several hours each day, and I have at least one video conference each day during the week. With all the video conferencing, our 12Mbps down and 896Kbps up Internet service was not cutting it. Unfortunately, our local ISP who has provided wonderful service over the past 20 years, does not have the infrastructure in our area to provide us with faster Internet service. Comcast offered Gigabit Internet, so I upgraded. Because of the restrictions in our MacBooks’ wireless, we can only get up to 400Mbps down over WiFi (generally around 300Mbps down), but when I connected my Macbook Pro to a gigabit switch with an ethernet cable I got 939Mbps down, which is close enough to gig speed for Rock & Roll when it comes to Internet download speeds.

The grid on your spreadsheet makes climbing easier.
I can make an “M” like the one on your screen. Is that “M” there to remind you of Mighty Mike? You’re one cool dude.
Is this a good Arnold pose for a spider?
Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 6.47.37 PM
Speedy Internet speeds.

Green Red Car


I have a “green” red sports car that really rocks. On the first full tank of gas, of mostly in-town driving, my MX-5 averaged 37.7 miles per gallon over 304.5 miles. I think that is a very respectable average MPG , but I thought I would get some reactions from a few of our local critters. Silver was unimpressed and couldn’t be bothered from his nap to say one way or the other what he thought about it. Surprisingly, however, the jumping spiders got very excited about it, as did a beetle.


Mouse over the critters to see what they had to say.