47 thoughts on “White Spider

    • Thanks, Jeff. I have know idea. I went to a memorial service at the balloon museum and noticed the spider on my way back to my car.

  1. Hmm, usually I pass the time while running trying to figure out what various stains and shadows are on the road ahead of me – the “What’s in a cloud” game for those who look down a lot ha. In this case you don’t even need to use any imagination, it’s right there in ..well, white. If it plays its hand right (as in last long enough) that tree just might come to it! Great poem.

    • Good point on the tree coming to the spider. In our sun, the spider’s life will be limited. Thanks, Jeff.

    • I don’t believe they do. A “spiderpede” sounds more like a spider that made a mess than progeny from matrimony between an arachnid and an arthropod. Thanks, Cindy.

    • People paint things on the streets, sidewalks and parking spaces around town for who knows what reasons. This one might have been part of a game or competition put on by the museum. It’s a mystery spider. Thanks, Roberta.

  2. Love your poem to go with that lonely spider.
    You’ll have to amble your way around… maybe you’ll find more inspiring paintings!

      • Around my neck of the woods, an animal ran over and squashed is referred to as a sail-cat, sail-squirrel, sail-rabbit, etc.. I think because they’re so dry and flat, you can sail them through the air like a frisbee. Gross, I know…

      • That makes sense. I’m not sure we have a name for the totally flattened roadkill. It seems like only skunks get left on the roads long enough to become sails.

  3. I knew this was going to be a trick post!
    However, I convinced myself it was going to be a white Alfa Romeo Spider.
    I suppose I came semi close. It is in a parking lot, and is in a parking space.
    Street Art ….

    • You have a great imagination. It could be an Alpha spider. But more likely with a sir name of Romero out here. Thanks, Resa

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