Last Day Of Retrograde

Today is the last day of Venus in retrograde. If you’ve been having issues with relationships, beauty, love, money, and values over the past six weeks, things should start to change. The moon and Venus rose close to the same time this morning, and the owls were in Susan’s tree having a bit of hanky panky at the first light of dawn. I noticed overly excited, simultaneous hooting, saw a lot of flapping of wings in my peripheral vision on Susan’s tree, looked over, and got a photo of the last wing flap before the male flew off, leaving the female to watch the dawn.

64 thoughts on “Last Day Of Retrograde

    • The owls are into it. It was 17ºF. I was cold outside photographing it all. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

    • That’s a great kittyscope. Spunk’s pheromone collar was at the end of it’s useful life this week. He was particularly bad. I got a new pheromone collar yesterday. I changed out collars, and he went wild like he had to get as much badness in before the pheromones kicked in and settled him down. It’s like he knows what the collar does and uses the end of life of one collar, and the first day of a new collar to be particularly bad.

      • Good question. I think most cats it’s a guess. I do know that Glenda and Gwendolyn were born on July 4, 2020 so they are Cancer kitties. We got Spunk on July 28, 2014. He was probably 3 months old. So that would make him a Gemini.

  1. Really a delight to hear about your encounter with the GHOs, Timothy, and to share in the beauty of the dawn with Venus, the crescent moon and the lively owls.

  2. They are all beautiful photos, Tim. I hope you see little owlets again this year.

    I saw the moon and Venus yesterday morning, as it was clear here. Too many clouds today.

  3. I’ve been wondering when retrograde was ending Timothy!
    Thanks for the update and your beautiful pictures and the hanky panky in Susan’s tree!

    • The where having a little hooty as Holly said. Thanks, Cindy. Family who are visiting got to see Santa Cynthia in your tree tonight.

    • As you know, a lot of large raptors won’t mess with owls. It’s really nice our owls are so patient with all us stupid people. Thanks, Brian.

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