Laurie picked catnip for the kitties while she was out for one of her hourly step goals. Gwendolyn was like a kitty demon eating her sprig of catnip.

53 thoughts on “Catnipping

    • Gwendolyn got high enough she found a place near the roof of the catio where the vines had pulled the wire back enough for her to slip out. She was really proud of herself. Thanks, Rebecca.

  1. It’s hilarious watching a cat high on catnip. Most I’ve had act like happy, somewhat aggressive, drunks. I’ve had a few cats, though, that seem to get nothing out of it.
    Awesome pictures, Tim. A feast for the eyes.

    • She’s cute, but she also went wild and got herself in all kinds of trouble. She broke a glass, among other things. Catnip had her exhibiting Spunk-like behavior. Thanks, Resa.

      • Hahaha! I was thinking that. Has Spunkie-Poo 💋 eaten his collar, yet!
        What a riot over at your place!!!!

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