Bottom Feeder

Swimming slithering snail’s pace slow
Sucks the bottom blindly
Searching shallow’s tasty treasures
Muddy water turns to gold
Trickling off iridescent scales
Flowing into golden ripples
Disturbs light chocolate color

Dentist Sun Rise & Shine

Dentist’s office sun rises shines
Imprisoned by shadows stripes
Thinking grinding gnashing teeth
Some impressions made
Brain numbed by Novocaine
Lips lost face sags
“Open wider” whirring drill
Splashes suction smoking still
One imagines gaping holes
Picking drilling air-blasts woe
Fitting carbon paper bite
Drilling fitting bite again
Glued fitted bite down hold
No brushing eating or floss don’t chew
For three weeks until we call
To anoint the crown give proper reign
Don’t let that temp one fall

The Wilds

Wild moon

Saturn & Jupiter in the Tangle Heart Tree. I had to get way back into the wilds of the dark bosque with coyotes and chupacabras nipping at my heels to get the shot.

I made my way back onto the levy at the same time as the coyotes.

There were two of them and they paid little attention to me even though we were close to each other. After I lightened up the photo, I could see the coyote on the left had a bad case of mange.

I started walking towards the coyotes. They took one last look before they scurried into the bosque.

Crow flying under the quarter moon.

Saturn and Jupiter through the trees. They are supposed to conjoin in three days.


Moon & Jupiter in the Tangle Heart Tree

I walked out to the Tangle Heart Tree under the light of a half-moon. The owls hooted, Chupacabra nipped at my heels, and La Llorona wept in the shadows. As I approached the Tangle Heart Tree, the half-moon and Jupiter fell into the heart. While I was photographing the phenom of a cottonwood embracing two celestial bodies, a legion of ghosts swept past me streaking my photo, causing the coyotes and chupacabra to howl, and La Llorona to cry out as she grabbed at the apparitions hoping to catch her children among the flock of phantoms. The remnants of ghostly matter made the next photo look like a painting. The following photo came out a little clearer, but there were still pieces of paranormal particles hanging in the air. The last photo cleared up a little more but it still shows remnants of the eidolon.

A legion of ghosts swept past me.

The remnants of ghostly matter.

Pieces of paranormal particles hanging in the air.

Still showing remnants of the eidolon.