83 thoughts on “Wealhþeow On Solstice

    • Thanks, Rebecca. The voices must be lovely. One thing I miss about Spain is the concerts the had this time of year.

      • Bites are rare and deaths rarer. Back before indoor plumbing, the most common bites were on men’s genitals. Black Widows like moist areas, and one of their favorite places to hang out is under the hole where one sits in outhouses. Thus black widows were easily threatened by men’s genitals, which is rather obvious.

        I worked for a woodworker when I was 15. The old adobe house we worked in didn’t have a bathroom, but it did have an outhouse. There was a black widow living under the hole in that outhouse. My boss drew a skull and crossbones on the back wall of the outhouse, wrote BLACK WIDOW and drew and arrow pointing to the hole. People asked why he didn’t spray the black widow. He said would never do that. We had to respect all forms of life. That really stuck with me.

      • Agreed. They never bothered us in AZ, yet my wife at the time had an issue with any spider. Whereas we didn’t ever kill them, it was a point of great distress for her. That’s fascinating information, Tim. Appreciate you sharing that with me. Where I’m at now, I only see spiders in the summer, and not too many at that. I’m slider-friendly, so it’s all good.

      • There are people who are really afraid of spiders, and I respect that also. Spiders are scary looking.

      • Indeed, there are. Our youngest has it also. Exactly. In AZ, we also had some that were the size of small birds. Huge spiders. Yet, again, they never bothered anyone. Still scary looking though.

      • Tarantulas are big spiders. They are not threatening and can be handled easily, but they do look scary. I have lots of spider photos, but the one of a tiny jumping spider on this post form 2012, https://wp.me/p1yQyy-QX, is one of my favorites. One of my followers got a tattoo done from the photo.

      • Indeed. These were not tarantulas. The name of the spider escapes me. Big, and multicolored. Anyway; that’s an awesome looking spider. Kinda creepy, and cool.

  1. I had my homework cut out or me as it was with photography and now Wealhpeow’s too!
    hahaha. Happy Solstice to you too Tim! That shot is way cool. I love spiders if they are outside!

    • Lots. Do you have them in your environs? This one is Laurie’s. We love spiders. Tristan has exotic tarantulas. Thanks, JYP.

      • I have not yet seen a black widow spider chez moi, and I’m pretty happy about that!

        You know, I’ve never been to NM and your stunning landscape photos sometimes have me thinking it might be worth a trip someday. Then I read that you have lots of black widow spiders, which makes me rethink the idea. But I also saw your earlier comment about the outhouse and the black widows tending to bite male genitalia. I certainly don’t have that, so maybe I’d be ok.

      • Your chances of encountering a black window while visiting NM are very slim. They are very shy and hide most of the time, like under things like out house seats. While you might find an out house in rural NM, they are rare. I found one up at an old ranch in the Valle Grande a few years ago. I think someone said they thought some episodes of Longmire were filmed in that cabin. I had never heard of Longmire before I came across an old pickup truck downtown with a Longmire bumper sticker in 2016: https://photos.tandlphotos.com/blog/2016/12/-america-needs-you-harry-truman

  2. We went walking on the moors, wishing ‘Happy Solstice’ to whoever passed. It was dark and pretty chilly after the sun went down, but we didn’t have anything dangerous like this up there to contend with, or at least not anything we know of.

  3. Nice TimKu!
    OMG you have a Black Widow! There is seemingly no end to your….pets?
    Don’t let Spunkie-Poo 💋 near Wealhþeow! Landsakes!!!!

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