The Devil’s In The Duo…

Sunrise looking north this morning.

Lingo that is. I got my annual stats from Duolingo. I was very happy to see that I learned a beastly 666 new words. While on words, I thought I would share my latest weekly stats from Grammarly, also. Besides it bugs the heck out of me that they are tracking all my writing, besides correcting my manifold mistakes, but that’s what you have to do to be checked out, I do find the stats interesting.

I have given three papers at conferences about how natives of north-central New Mexico have a very unique vocabulary and word usage. I am a native of north-central New Mexico, and my weekly Grammarly stats always report that one-third or more of the words that Grammarly checks in my musings it considers them to be “unique words”. They must count many of the same words as unique each week, because I know I can’t be coming up with 1,800 to 2,000 new and unique words each week. Last week I seemed to have gone all out as Grammarly reported I used 3,387 unique words out of 9,656 of my words it checked. With my numb finger tips I make a lot of mistakes, the reason I have Grammarly to watch over my words, and probably another reason so many end up as unique.

Given my consistency in the number of unique words used each week, it supports my thesis that natives of north-central New Mexico have a unique vocabulary. Although, I would need to have a large sample of word usage stats from many different north-central New Mexicans to really show that my thesis could hold any water from the Rio Grande.

A collage of my Duolingo and Grammarly stats with comments by Silver, Spunk and Gwendolyn.

While on words, there’s always the issue of Acronymphomania!

So Wired!