The Painter’s Sky

On her blue gessoed canvas
She brushes swaths of red
Splashes on the yellow
Orange from the mix
A lavender wash hosts
White stripes of clouds from trails
Her colors silhouetting trees
Geese and cranes flying free

66 thoughts on “The Painter’s Sky

  1. I love the exhibition Timothy
    Breathtaking work of artist, photographer and poet

    The birds in flight almost touching the painter’s hand is simply marvelous. I can imagine him sitting at his revolving easel smiling as they venture to come close

    GESSOED!!!…love the word, the sound is so familiar

    • Thanks for the wonderful comment, abvr. Gesso is the primer painted on canvas to prep the canvas for painting. If you know anything about painting on canvas, it’s familiar.

      • Oh, I absolutely delight, what a creative mix, poetry lines are exquisite, I wished to indulge myself more. Yes i understand the canvas, i also appreciated the word for the Afrikaans phonetic, which quickly translated means to sweeten, replacing the D at the end with a T instead.
        So there i allowed myself.

      • You’re a holiday denier? Good on you. I keep my curmudgeonly countenance fine tuned this time of year. Grrrr!

      • Well our lives just go all the time you know. There’s always something. We help the family every week and sometimes there’s spanners in works that way. Last week I’d an offer on my backlist books and I signed them but the Viking one was still in bits cos I was re-editing it so there was midnight oil burnt on that. I do like making things difficult for myself.

  2. Wooowww, these picture are amazing and very beautiful! Also your poem really goes well with them. Nicely written and photographed as usual 👌

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