39 thoughts on “Arañas

  1. Beautiful poem, Tim! I’ve been off the radar allowing myself to acclimate to my move from the East Coast back to the Southwest.

    Wonderful poem to step back in with.

    • I noticed you were AWOL. I was going to ask Holly if she’d heard anything from you. Funny how mere thoughts bring people back from the land of nada. Are you resettled in the northerlies of Nuevo Mexico?

      • I lived in a hotel in Taos for 6 weeks looking for a casita or live/work space. Then, though that was fine, much more of that would become a financial hemorrhage. So, I moved up to the cabin in Red River, and have been driving back and forth.

      • Yes, and more of a pretty experience even than a commute. Mountains on one side, desert on the other. One light in Questa, and the other at NM 522 at the edge of Taos.

      • I raced bicycles on the big loop from Taos, 64, 38 to Red River, over to 522 and back to Taos. We had to ride out over the Gorge bridge to make a Uie to make it over 100 miles. I think the loop is around 85 miles.

  2. That spider chose her flower well. She looks like the Queen of her domain with her matching outfit.
    Gorgeous sky and two beautiful poems…. such a talented lad you are!

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