Ever Changing

6:00 am

First moon I’ve seen in weeks. 6:05 am.

Down pour at 2:00 pm.

The first photo in the gallery below was taken at 7:38 pm. The last photo was taken at 8:12 pm. Click on the gallery to view the photos larger, and in a slide show.

66 thoughts on “Ever Changing

  1. I never tire of seeing these New Mexico skies in all their variable splendor, Tim. I agree, you have great eye for composition and subject matter. Oh, how I wish we had some of your rain, though!

    • Thanks, aveRAGE. It’s been clouding up enough I hadn’t seen the moon i along time. I misted the Buck Moon because of the clouds.

    • Thanks, Rebecca. You are right. Everything in life and nature is in constant states of change. When and if things stop changing, it will be the end of the world.

      • Tim – this may sound a little crazy, but your “Everything in life and nature is in constant states of change. When and if things stop changing, it will be the end of the world” sound like the start of an amazing novel.

      • I see what you mean. Since I’m a pathetic novelist, I would take a bit of 19th Century apocalyptic millenarianism, a bit of post modern surrealism, mix it with nuclear holocaustism and end up having a very depressing novel with a great beginning.

  2. EGADS!!!!
    So.. sew.. Yes I was sewing today. Will return after catching up here.
    I’m still quite away from finishing the Art Gown, but I was thinking …I’ll email you when I get closer.
    Today I thought the gown also looks like a cloud.

      • The clouds and cottonwoods are fusing.
        I’m thinking I’m 50% done. I might add some beads to the bodice. That will create a bit of a time burp.
        The second half always goes faster.

  3. Dude! These are so beautiful and amazing shots! I’m loving the sunset gallery from 7:38 p.m. until 8-something. Super transformative. Plus the downpour … I like that one. Happened to see your pics at Frank’s Beach Walk Reflections and I thought I’d stop by. Thanks for sharing!

    • You are welcome. Thank you for taking the time to visit señor The Guat (recipe for dysfunction and disaster). Our skies are very dynamic. Rarely a dull moment out here.

    • Thanks, Brian. Raining on your vacations sounds about right. It’s uncanny ho Murphy is good at messing things up.

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