48 thoughts on “The Flight

  1. Just when I think you have posted the best sky pictures… these come along. And now add a bumble bee in flight! Wow!
    Happy August Tim!

  2. Loving this side of you, Tim.
    Bumblebees are amazing, aren’t they? I sure wish I understood the musical lingo, though.
    Beautiful skies.

    • Just listen to the chirps of the birds, buzzes of the bees, the swishes of the flowers, and the rustling of the trees that’s the basic music lingo. That I think you understand. A minor is supposedly the key “The Flight of the Bumblebee” was composed in. I almost went with “Played in Bee minor” but I thought I should go with the original key instead. Thanks, Dale.

  3. The Bumble Bee stole the post for me.
    Hmm, he doesn’t look like “a minor” bee, to me! 🤣
    Beautiful clouds!!!!

    • Hahaha! He is definitely “A Major” bee, but it’s best he plays in “A minor”. Thanks, Resa.

      • I know the feeling. I’ll think something is funny and people look at me like I’m crazy. Or I post something I think is hilarious and no one seems to get it. But I think we are on the same frequencies when it comes to humor.

    • Thanks, Janet. Spunk knows what cats like. I’m happy your daughters kitties love the toys.

    • Thanks, JYP. I had to follow it around from echinacea to echinacea before I got that photo.

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