Morning Dressed in Orange Pinks Night Donned Grays

The morning dressed the clouds in oranges, pinks and grays at dawn.

Yellow roses for Robbie

The evening dressed the storm clouds in various shades of gray as they passed overhead, delivering rain along their way.

49 thoughts on “Morning Dressed in Orange Pinks Night Donned Grays

  1. The clouds and the roses petals always matching so fine, maybe I have still some sound-imaginations in mind from Stevie Wonder’s ‘The Secret Live of Plants’.

  2. Pinks to yellow to grays…. a wonderfully color gradient day, my friend! Breathtaking shots! Cold you ask the painter to bring some of those rain clouds over here too… just a few!!!!

    • Thanks, Marina. Well, I had a talk with the painter as she was coloring the morning clouds. She said she was sorry, for leaving you hot, dry and colorless. She hasn’t been vaxed.

  3. The yellow roses are lovely…the cloud shots are awesome. The morning and evening skies are interesting subjects to photograph, forever changing, and like a snowflake, each morning and evening is unique.

    • Thanks, KT. You see the light of the morning and evening skies. Some people ask why I photograph the skies and the mountains daily. “Don’t all the pictures look the same?” they ask. I feel sad for people who, although they have sight, are blind and cannot see the uniqueness each morning and each evening has to offer.

      • I agree, Timothyโ€ฆthe beginning and the ending of each day are painted in the sky with new brushstrokes. I followed so I could view your photographs. They are lovely. And I enjoyed the accompanying short verses. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I don’t always add poems with the photos, but when I’m inspired I do. I’ve been more inspired lately. I read several of your poems and your dark sherrif story in reverse order. I really like you writing. I would like to see you photos, since you mention you like taking pictures.

      • I am not the photographer you are, Timmothy, not by a long shot. I take pictures with my iPhone. I recently purchased an iPhone 11 Pro, and am impressed with the quality, so in the future, I may share some.
        I have recently started doing watercolor painting after sketching for a few years, and have been thinking about posting some here. We shall seeโ€ฆ

      • All the photos in this post were taken with an iPhone 12 mini. I got it instead of a super-wide-angle lens for one of my camera bodies. The phones are very good cameras these days.

        You should post your watercolors.

  4. Oh wow Tim, I’m mesmerized by those skies! Sometimes I feel like I could just sit and stare at the sky’s colors for hours on end. Truly magical art.

    P.S. I re-followed your blog. I think WordPress glitches were at it again because I certainly never un-followed. (sigh)

    Thank you for sharing these, Tim. Absolutely perfect!

    • Thanks, Dale. The storm clouds were something to behold. There was lots of lighting and thunder to the south, but the trees blocked my view of the lighting.

  5. Terrific photos, Tim. You capture the most amazing skies, the colors of the clouds are fantastic. Gorgeous rose! I adore yellow and marigold colored roses (oranges/corals too).

    • Thanks, Mia. I’m not a big fan of yellow flowers, but I do like yellow roses and sunflowers.

  6. Crazy skies!
    ๐ŸŽผ Crazy skies that long to rain on some field new” ๐ŸŽผ
    Stunning roses. Robbie must be very happy!

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