57 thoughts on “Along Came A Zpider

    • A spider with a Z. May she should be Zorritta. She signed her web with a zipper Z. Thanks, Shey.

  1. Oh my. When we first moved to AZ there was a very similar spider hanging from the entry door to our house. I thought we’d traveled back in time to the Mesozoic Era. Frightening, and elegant.

  2. Quite colorful … but they have to be at a distance from me.
    After being bit by a Brown recluse and weeks upon weeks of antibiotics for the venom eating my skin and muscle… I stay far away from spiders of all kinds now.

  3. Very nice zipper you got there – those can be tough to photograph due to how tiny they can be to the sensor..unless it really is about a foot long ha. Love to watch them build their webs – quite a talent.

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