41 thoughts on “Darkness In The Light

  1. I liked seeing these traditional “darkness” creatures in bright sunshine. These subjects obviously do their best work at night, but sometimes you can’t see them in their true image unless ya shine a little light on ’em! Nice images all, Tim.

    • Thanks, Bruce. I’m going to try to make the effort to go out after dark and see what these guys look like in there traditional element.

    • All the flowers and roses are making their last stand blooms as it’s been getting pretty close to freezing in the mornings. Thanks, Lavinia.

  2. Tim, that’s a very clever monster collection. All in one yard? Close ups of the kitties always makes me smile. And who doesn’t like close ups of gorgeous flowers? You made my morning happy. 📚🎶 Christine

    • That’s not me. I don’t do anything for Halloween other than photograph other people’s displays. Those are displays in people’s yards along one of the roads out here. I keep meaning to go back after dark to see what they look like in the dark. Thanks, Joni.

      • I was surprised to see all the Halloween stuff as you don’t have any little ones running around as far as I know. Those things are expensive too. I think your roses may have been more beautiful this year than last, if that’s even possible. Big hugs my friend. 🥰

    • I happened upon these while driving in my village. I keep meaning to go back after dark to see what they look like at night, but I haven’t so far. Thanks, Brian.

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