44 thoughts on “Flying V

  1. What a beautiful, starry, moonlit sky! It has been clear at night here this week, and I have been moon watching.

    The skunks are out and about too. I accidentally surprised one last night, but he didn’t fire on me. 🙂

  2. Very cleaver Tim. I love it. By the way I did not unfollow you. Every time I update chrome it does this to many of the people I follow. How irritating this is and yet I have to trust that the people that know me also know I wouldn’t just unfollow someone. 🦋

    • I don’t use chrome, but I get dropped from following people for no reason. It’s so annoying. Thanks, Joni..

      • Thank you Tim. I worry someone will think I unliked them and what an insensitive thing to do. By the way WP told me I should always use chrome. Sorry it happens to you too. Big hugs you two.

    • Good of him. I find astrophotography to be quite challenging. I need to get out into the hills myself to catch the sky. Thanks, Charlotte.

  3. Unfotuntely, after subjecting myself to Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park I can’t even look at a Kiss item without throwing or minimally dry heaving. Excuse me while I run out of the room hehehe.

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