Dawning Of A Sliver Moon

Sliver moon left. Procyon middle right. Alhena upper right. Sirius far right.

This rose is a great representation of aging.

A Timku
How are you doing?
Toxic liver, bad kidneys
Mr. Happy’s sad

Sirius is the bright star in the center third of the photo below Orian’s Belt.

A closer view. I don’t know what was making the streak to the left of Orian’s Belt. It changed position slightly from the first shot.

Jupiter is in the lower right at the treeline.

Mars, The Pleiades, and Uranus are aligned.

Stone House On The Prairie

Here’s a close-up of the stone house in the landscape on Friday’s post.

Night sky at 2:00 am. The Pleiades is in the lower center and Mars is below the Pleiades. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Jupiter and four of its moons. The sky was clear last night, but I could not get Jupiter’s stripes, and the photos of Saturn were blobs. There must have been an atmospheric disturbance obscuring clear shots of the planets.


WTF? I can’t believe that you got photos of a coyote taking a crap! Whoa! Poopy Paparazzo!

Down by the river where we like to go
Walked a coyote wouldn’t you know
He stopped and he squatted and gave it a squeeze
Not a care in the world he was quite pleased