46 thoughts on “Harry Harrier

      • To you too. Are you doing anything special over the summer, beside letting you shoulder heal?

      • Timothy, I hoped I can travel to Europe. I don’t think I can make it. I used to fly overseas 3-4 times a year. My last trip was in December 2019. It’s hard to accept reality but I have to. We are planning two short trips in the US. That I can do. What about you? Any plans?

      • We were planning on going to Antwerp, Belgium in August to give papers at the International Conference on Construction Grammar, the was postponed last year. However, the Belgium government is only allowing 400 people to attend the conference in person, so we’ve opted to present our papers online. We presented papers online for the NeMLA conference in March, and that worked out really well. I was really looking forward to getting together with Herman who has Hands on Bowie & Jimi blog. He’s not too far from Antwerp, but with limitations on the conference in person, we didn’t think it was worth the expense, plus the dates in August conflict with Laurie’s classes. We’ll just have to go on a vacation to Belgium next year when things are more opened up.

      • That would have been wonderful Timothy. Antwerp is beautiful and it is always nice to meet a fellow blogger.

        This is year travel is still difficult. Conferences are going well online. I was in quite a few during the last academic year, but I miss the places, the real people. You went to work. I taught, conferenced, join meetings only online since March 2020. It’s been difficult for me but it’s been more difficult for other people so I tell myself everything is ok.
        It will be fun if you guys attend those conferences in person next year. I hope you have a wonderful vacation next year.

      • The whole point of going to conferences is to see new places, meet new people, get fresh perspectives, and enjoy a change of scenery. The ICCG is every two years. In 2018 it was in Paris in July. We’ll see where it takes us in 2023. I wish you a great time with your discoveries in the USA.

      • At least for the time being it’s cooled off and we are getting a little rain. The kitties get all excited, go out in the catio, get all wet and come back in and insist on giving up wet cat snuggles.

      • I forgot. It is fun to meet fellow bloggers. We met Tiffany and her husband when we were in San Diego for the PAMLA conference in 2019. We went to an opening of an art show she had a painting in. It was really fun.

    • I’m not sure what it was up to. It almost looked like it was playing because it was flying back and forth and looping around at high hawk speed. Not the slow circling and gliding they do when they are looking for prey. Thanks, Rebecca.

    • He was flying very fast back and forth. More like playing and enjoying flyig fast than looking for dinner. Thanks, Nancy.

    • That’s sad. You might not be on their flight path. The Rio Grande is an international/interstate bird highway.

      • I might also be so not in the know that I wouldn’t recognize one if I did! Some people part of my Boucherville Photo group have shared pics so they are here. Somewhere.

    • This one did not have any intention of stopping mid-air that I could tell. Thanks, Brian.

  1. Were they flying around looking for dinner?
    It’s almost prehistoric where you live….kind of neo-historic.

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