Tiny Toads

When we had Jake out at the beach on Father’s Day, there were a lot of tiny toads playing on the beach as well.

Click on the above gallery to enlarge the tiny toads.

Threatening clouds blew in to cover the moon and turn the sunset gray.

50 thoughts on “Tiny Toads

    • Normally you don’t see them until they hop or you see them doing the toadpaddle in the swallows. Thanks, Dale.

      • The grow from tadpoles into little toads in the pools along the edge to the river. So they hang out on the beach until they are big enough to make into the bosque.

      • When the irrigation ditch was drying up a couple of weeks ago, a neighbor who’s only been out here for a year was asking me what would happen to the tadpoles in the pools in the ditch. I said they would either grow quickly into toads or die if the pools evaporated before they developed. She asked if they could be moved to the clear ditch. I told her if she had a fine net she could move as many as she could catch to the clear ditch. I haven’t seen her since to ask her if she moved the tadpoles.

  1. I enjoyed the photos, Tim. That is one amphibian I have not seen here yet – toads. I don’t think we have Bufo americanus over this way. I miss them. Pacific tree frogs abound.

    It was clear up here last night, and we had full moon viewing.

    • We don’t have nearly as many toads as we used to, but they seem to thrive. We had clouds most of the night but no precipitation. I saw the moon peeking through the clouds when I got up for a bit at 3:30 this morning.

  2. Oh be careful… some Toads can be deadly to dogs. If they lick them… they can die.
    We have many in AZ and pet owners are constantly being warned.

    Love that sky!

    • Woodhouse toads secrete a poison that will make dogs foam at the mouth, but I never heard of dogs dying from them. Thanks, Nancy.

      • Yes… I was amazed as well. I am not sure what Toad it is. But a friend’s dog refused to eat or drink for days, fever and vomiting because of the foaming and the bad taste. It was a small dog.

        Around Monsoon time they come out and many locals tell everyone to be careful to not let dogs close to them.

      • Our dogs never bothered the toads when I was young. They probably figured it out.

  3. When I was young, I loved having frogs for pets. I would catch one in the morning but by early afternoon, the frog would somehow slip away. I never could find them hidden by the camouflage of grass. I love how you captured the toads in camouflage surroundings.

    • Hi Rebecca. Toads and frogs are fun. I never kept them as pets because they were always there to play with. Espically toads.

    • Hi Inchcock. I used the 400mm Bazooka and a 200mm lens to photograph the toads and then cropped them to a macro level.

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