Anything On The Tele?

Spunk: “Is there anything on the Tele?
Holly’s Tangle-Heart Tree with a sliver moon.
It looks like there’s a crane on the Tele!

52 thoughts on “Anything On The Tele?

    • Thanks Robin. The Tangle-Heart Tree is a really cool tree. Would you like a tree? Mia, Resa and Holly have trees.

      • Mia, who has stopped blogging, claimed one of the trees I often had in photos a couple of years ago. So I started calling it Mia’s tree. Resa, who has Art Gowns and Graffiti Lux wanted a tree, so she chose a tree out of several I posted for her to choose from. Then Resa suggested that Holly, who has House of Heart, should have the tangle-heart tree, and Holly claimed it. If you want a tree you are welcome to claim one. I can do a post with available trees for you to choose from, or I can simply give you a tree. Or if you don’t want a tree that’s perfectly OK.

      • It’s hard to choose, but the one with snow is my favorite. It was a tough call. The one in the fog is stunning, too. The pictures in the snow series are gorgeous. That area with the black bamboo is so pretty, and I imagine it is as well in the summertime. 🙂

      • Hi Robin. It’s the same tree in the fog and with the snow. It’s nice how it changes depending on the weather and with slight changes in point-of-view. It’s a beautiful tree. It’s your tree, Robin’s Tree!

      • BTW Robins like to hang out in your tree along with a finches, sparrows, downy woodpeckers, flickers, towhees, grosbeaks, tanagers, doves, hawks, owls and other birds.

      • It’s a cottonwood. All the trees, with the exception of Mia’s tree (a Russian Olive), that have been claimed so far are cottonwoods. They are iconic trees that create a forest along the Rio Grande valley we call the Bosque. Our property has several large cottonwoods. Before the Conservancy built the levees and drainage ditches in the 1930’s, our property was part of the river bed. Our property is about 16 feet lower than the river now.

      • Interesting about your property. My neighborhood in Nebraska had a lot of cottonwoods. I guess it was too crowded to enjoy the beauty of their branches. We also cussed them a lot for the cottonseeds that flew all over the place and made a mess. 🙂

      • Sometimes it looks like it’s snowing in July from all the cotton flying around. These cottonwoods only propagate from flood waters. Since the Conservancy doesn’t allow the river to flood into the bosque anymore, the only new cottonwoods we get are in the irrigated areas. We have a cottonwood that’s about 16 years old now that started in an area we flood irrigate. It’s 25 feet tall already.

        For awhile people were planting male cottonwoods because they don’t produce cotton; however, the males produce lots of pollen people are allergic to. The cotton from the female tree is not an allergen like people used to think. Male cottonwoods are now outlawed in this part of the country.

      • I don’t recall seeing any cottonwoods around this part of south-central Kentucky, but that’s not to say there aren’t any around. But definitely not in our immediate rural area.

        I was wondering about the flooding issue, when you said you lived below the river.

        I’m not very familiar with your part of the country, so it’s interesting to hear about it. Thank you for sharing the info.

      • Flooding is not considered much of a threat because of the levees along the river, and a large dam north of us that controls the river’s level. We are not required to carry flood insurance, even though we are only 1000 feet from the river and lower than the its bed.

  1. Ah, Spunk… 🙂 ))))
    The images are beautiful, as always. It was so cold and windy to be out today, so I especially appreciate them.

    • Hi Susan. That wind was really cold. There were times the cranes and geese were stilled trying to fly against the wind. I finally got the new bungees on the canopy to replace the bungees that were broken by the snow and cold. It was very painful stretching those bungees and forcing the loop over the ball in that freezing wind. I needed to secure the canopy so the wind wouldn’t rip it. The sun rots the canopy so quickly at this altitude. I’ll be surprised if it lasts through the spring winds next year.

  2. A nice array of outdoor photos. We also had a bit of that cold, north wind today. The real surprise came yesterday when we had a wind-whipped downpour like what we have when the summer monsoon is in full swing. If it lasted any longer, the rain would’ve likely turned into a flash blizzard.

    • Hi David. We had rain driven at a 45º angle by the wind on Friday. The rain washed away a lot of the snow.

  3. What personalities your cats have, Timothy! As for those pictures ….. what a pro you are capturing birds in mid-flight. I know how hard that is!! Bravo for you!

    • Thanks, Tiffany. I happy you like the crane on the Tele. Laurie doesn’t like it and she’s afraid I’m going to make one.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. As I mentioned to Tiffany, Laurie doesn’t like the crane design for the guitar.

      • Laurie thinks my guitar designs are just ways of torturing poor innocent guitars. I originally designed the Chile guitar to be a Chile Strat. I bought a tobacco sunburst Squire (tobacco sunburst is one of my least favorite colors on guitars), but Laurie and Tristan protested so much because they thought the Squire was beautiful that I returned Squire, and found the Dean that I made into the Chile Guitar. The Dean ended up a much better guitar all around.

  4. I love cats but I’m allergic to them, only person in my family so I don’t know why? I only discovered it when I cat sit for a friend and I started with a bad rash all over my face, then my eyes swell, a shame I can only enjoy them in photos now 🙁. Lovely blue sky’s there, ours are a bit grey now.

    • HI Charlotte. One of Laurie’s sister is allergic to cats. The only one out of her family, also. It’s a good thing I’m not allergic to cats. I have them pile on me head to toe every morning, especially now that it’s cold.

      We have really blue skies out here. Maybe one day you will get a part at the Santa Fe Opera, then you can enjoy our blue skies and enchanting landscapes.

    • Hi Teri. It’s a concept guitar. It was one of the designs before I made the Train Tele out of that guitar. I could make a Crane Tele, but I have too many guitars at the moment.

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