Sunset & Hawk


Below is a Red-Tailed Hawk that was in an apple tree in Wagner’s orchard nextdoor. The first two photos were taken this morning, and remaining photos where taken this evening after sunset. The mud had dried a little in the evening, so I walked across the field to get closer photos. The hawk flew which allowed me to get backlit photos of it flying.

Sandhill Cranes missiling over the orchard on their way to the river.
Resa’s tree from the ditch bank.



Silly Goose
Robin’s Tree from the backside.

33 thoughts on “Sunset & Hawk

      • I have not seen that movie! I did check out the video today, hmmm, interesting! I’ll suggest it for our watch list, although the hubs prefers mystery and crime movies.

      • True Stories holds some interesting history now, since it was on the eve of cyberdom. It’s a bit weird, but makes great commentary on art, architecture, fashion, small town development and people.

  1. All The photos are so beautiful! The third one of the birds at sunset is my favorite . Thank you Tim, for sharing the natural beauty that surrounds us.

  2. OMG!
    My tree is spectacular!
    I’ll need to use it in the post after PBH and Mersin fight.
    However, the new Art Gown is done, so it will be the post after.
    Fab post full of energy, and great pics!

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