Lola’s Nick

Lola with the nick in her left ear barely showing.

In an exchange of comments about Silver and Sasha, I told Resa that Silver is a bully. She asked if he bullied Spunk. The boy kitties bully each other but it’s all play, sparing and wrestling, nothing serious. However, when it comes to the girl kitties, Silver, Spunk and Loki bully and beat up on the girls. I mentioned that Lola got a nick in her ear recently, which I assume was Silver or Spunk bullying her, but I really don’t know who nicked her ear. Resa asked to see Lola’s nicked ear.

Lola’s nicked ear made me think of our old Tom cat Nick, who came to us around 2001. He tested positive for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), but he was such a sweet kitty, and had such an interesting personality, we had to keep him. He was a wonderful addition to our family, and showed no signs of illness until fall of 2007. He went down hill quickly and died around the beginning of November 2007.

A better view of Lola’s nicked ear.
Nick in 2003.