Orion’s Belt


Two o’clock in the morning and not a skunk, porcupine or raccoon in sight, so after turning in the irrigation water, I turned my camera toward the night sky. Photo stats — Camera: Fujifilm X-Pro 1. Support: hand held. Film speed: ISO 3200. Lens and aperture: 35mm at ƒ/1.4. Exposure: 1/4 second.

15 thoughts on “Orion’s Belt

  1. Beautiful image of that constellation, even more impressive you were not using a tripod!

    We had some much needed rain today, starting about 2:00 AM. We had a beautiful sunset after the clouds parted in the west and I got a couple of photos.

    Poor Stinklesby the Skunk got hit out front. Unusual for him to be crossing the street in the morning. Buried him here in the front garden.

    • Thanks, Lavinia! Poor Stinklesby. That’s sad. We’re at the end of the road, so there’s really no traffic besides us coming in and out of the drive, and a few lost drivers to run over our skunks.

  2. You know I did the same thing at 3 o’clock one morning but I could not figure out the setting. There was a meteor shower my photos didn’t turn out well I need to work on my night photos! I love this!

    • Thanks, Michelle. Night photos are tricky. Normally you need to use a tripod for stability, and your exposure needs to be less than 30 seconds or you will see movement from the earth’s spinning.

      Given that, the best way to photograph stars and meteor showers is to try different combinations of exposures, ISO speeds and aperture settings. If you are in an area without much light pollution, 1/2, 1/4 or even 1/8 second exposure will pick up stars at ISO 2400 or faster and ƒ/2.8 lens or faster.

      Remember to turn off image stabilization when you put your camera on a tripod, and see if you can get your lens to focus on, and hold, infinity (often a problem with modern lenses that can do multiple focal points). I hope this helps.

      • I live in the country so no other lights. Plus I was worried about the critters around so it was a quick trip to the field out back. I do have a tripod. I put the in my phone so I can set it before I get out there~I’m glad no one saw me when I tried last time.

        My photos came out to light! Which is crazy because it was pitch black out there! I have a lot of opportunities to try this but I guess I need to set things up before I go and not take my dog! I thought she was a coyote!
        Thank you so much for your setting advice. I love your night photos! They are fascinating! 😀 It helps greatly!

      • Oh! I forgot to add. Always take a flashlight with you so you can see to change your settings. My wife won’t go to far from the house at night because of the monsters. I go out at night to move water, turn in irrigation, etc. After I stepped on a skunk in the dark, I learned to not go out without a flashlight. And now that porcupine visit the property nightly, I don’t want to step on and tangle with a porcupine.

      • Me either! I have my knew stun zapper thing! I got it for the dogs in my neighborhood that try to bite me! We do have a skunk too! I found a dead rabbit in my yard. Night time can be scary you are right! Not to mention the ticks and all that to worry about! I’m going to wait till Winter then I know the critters are hibernating!

      • OH ya that’s a good point! Plus them I’ll be ready! My last time sort of scared me a bit! I think I’m all brave until I hear something sneak up on me!

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