Carolingian Minuscule Anyone?

I don’t suppose these young Renaissance enthusiasts changed the fonts in their instant messengers to Carolingian minuscule for texting while in character. Carolingian minuscule was developed in the middle ages (the “Dark Ages” to the Renaissance humanists) during the reign of Charlemagne, but those very humanists thought that the Carolingian minuscule script was so beautiful that it had come from their beloved Roman Empire. So much so, that the humanists mistook old Carolingian manuscripts from the 8th and 9th centuries as original ancient Roman manuscripts. Since the humanists failed in their backward quest to restore the glory of the Roman Empire, the Renaissance didn’t happen as it was supposed to. Scientific inquiry, experimentation, and observation, theology, economics, education, etc. of the time proved that so many things from the Roman Empire were wrong, “the Renaissance” is the high middle ages and the early modern period. However, it seems to me young people in costume, on their phones texting at a Renaissance Faire is true to the Renaissance.

Protodawn, predawn, dawn

All Revved Up

I was out on the Rio Grande at Beaver Point last month when I heard motorcycles racing on I-25. The motorcycles were very loud and very clear. I recorded the motorcycles, wrote and recorded the song, “All Revved Up”, and I finally got around to borrowing enough video snippets from YouTube to make the above music video. Below is a map of where I was standing and approximately where the motorcycles were racing on I-25 when I made the recording.

Sound carries very well from the Interstate to Corrales. Often the cars, trucks, and motorcycles sound like they are on the ditch bank 500 feet from the house.

All Revved Up
By Timothy Price

[Verse 1]
I’m all revved up
Yeah! So cool
On my motorcycle
No fool
Donuts, wheelies, smoking tires
Screamin’ like a demon shot out of hell fire

Centerline slalom whiteline fever
Lighting fast, intense street sweeper
Dragging demons, cheating the Reaper

[Verse 2]
Black leather jacket
Is so cool
Motorcycle boots
No fool
Don’t you wanna record all the action
Flawless riding satisfaction

Centerline slalom whiteline fever
Lighting fast, intense street sweeper
Dragging demons, cheating the Reaper

[Bridge – Rap]
Revving my engine while I’m sitting at a red light
Greenlight, smoking tire the power grab is out of sight
Three-second speed rush slamming on the brakes tight
Revving my engine, oh those vibes feel so right.

[Guitar Solo]

[Verse 3]
Red lights flashing
That’s not cool
You fool
Tucked on the tank, giving it my all
Still got caught, slammed up against the wall

Redneck motha in the clink, err
Slowpoke and depressed cell sweeper
Lonely, longing, befriends the Reaper

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Santa Fe Riot 2009

Farm and Ranch Graffiti on a beached box car. In 1980, a riot broke out at the New Mexico State Penitentiary in Santa Fe, NM. It turned into the most deadly prison riot in U.S. history. The graffiti on the box car is a rather bold reminder for us folks who remember the Penitentiary riot.