Outdoing the Devil

Mother Nature as a way of putting the Devil to shame with her destructive energy. High winds did in our canopy cover, while the air quality index went beyond Biblical proportions, up to a very hazardous 867. It was 699 when I left the office, and I’m sure it was 666 and some point today. You might have guessed that his weekend I will be putting a new cover on the canopy.

Spunk and a Kitten’s Tail

Spunk was helping me update Acronymphomania for YouTube. The kittens were watching as old cranky Spunk walked through the bathroom into the bedroom. Gwendolyn is having a good time playing with her tail on the bed.

The music is played on the second guitar I made with a One-Eyed woman by Resa. I used a Les Paul style with two P90 pickups for this guitar. It looks great, sounds great, feels great, and plays really well.