A Blue Psalm

A Blue Psalm was first published by Gabriela Marie Milton in 2021. I wrote the poem in response to bloggers who wrote about the horrific abuse they experienced growing up and how difficult it is for them to deal with it as adults. I recently reworked the original song with new vocal tracts. I used some butterfly photos (mine) and videos I borrowed from the Internet as metaphors for people who have been abused.

A Blue Psalm
Lyrics and Music by Timothy Price

Oh, Lord? Oh Lord?
Why have you hated me?
How in my innocence
Have I sinned?
To be damned from birth
Neglected and abused
While you looked on
Like I was nothing more
Than the Devil’s spawn
I am broken, so broken
A pile of bones laid at your feet
Show mercy, oh Lord
Mold me, reshape me, make me whole
I want to feel loved, normal, happy, whole

52 thoughts on “A Blue Psalm

  1. Tim, I have no words to tell you how much your words and the entire video means to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for thinking about those who were abused during childhood. Thank you for being YOU.

  2. I think this is one of your best videos and poems, Timothy. One of the biggest mistakes made in mental health was believing that children were resilient and would not remember or be affected by their childhood experiences. How wrong they were! The mistake some truly evil and misguided people are making right now is pushing the idea that pedophiles (or people attracted to minors, as they want to call them) are somehow okay, can be cured, and do not harm anybody with their actions. WRONG! Abuse destroys lives, especially when people do not get the proper therapy. And pedophilia cannot be cured.

    • Absolutely. The stories people tell of the abuse they endured is heartbreaking and unimaginable. They are left broken and have such a hard time healing. Thanks, Dawn.

  3. The millstone of these unspeakable transgressions creates ripples in time. From the child sacrifices to pagan gods right on up to today, the most delicate are too easily disposed of and abused. The butterflies are a perfect metaphor, and your psalm a perfect plea for understanding.

    • I’m happy you are catching up. I love your wonderful comments. I’m always trying to think about how to depict lyrics in video. Video is always a challenge. Thanks, JYP.

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