On The Verge Of Converge

The Moon, Jupiter, and Venus lined up last night. Jupiter and Venus managed to shine through the clouds.

Only three nights left before Jupiter and Venus meet as they cross paths from our earthly view.

Jupiter and Venus shine through the clouds, between the trees.

The stars looked on.

36 thoughts on “On The Verge Of Converge

  1. Great photos! According to information from NASA, the next major planetary alignment will occur on September 8, 2040. The five planets visible to the naked eye – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn – will be in a sector of the sky with a diameter of about 10 degrees. Also between Venus and Saturn we will be able to see the crescent moon. I hope my english is understandable. ) Thank you!

  2. I agree with Susan, those images are especially beautiful. We have had rain, snow and sleet up here today, with a hint of sun now and then. I missed my walking window working on a computer reinstall instead. More of the same is forecast for overnight. No moon or star viewing this evening.

    • Now you know. Take a look every night. You should see them almost side by side on Wednesday. Thanks, Samantha.

    • The night creature clicks. I guess you could say. I got the iPhone 13 when it came out because of the LiDAR. I do a lot of low-light, dawn and dusk photos, that I’ve put my photo equipment together to help accommodate darkness. Thanks, Dawn.

  3. I wish Linda and I had gone up to the mountains to see this convergence – although the 70mph winds coming through there at the time was making things uncomfortable during our birding excursions during the day.

    • Those winds probably blew the convergence away form LV so you could have seen it anyway. Thanks, Brian.

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