A Little Closer

Half moon high in the southwestern sky. Jupiter and Venus low getting closer together.

As close a shot as I can get of Jupiter and Venus coming together.

A half-moon tonight

The night sky looking toward the southeast.

The night sky looking north.

35 thoughts on “A Little Closer

  1. Thanks for the views of the beautiful night sky down your way, Tim. The rain cut over to snow a short time ago. We won’t see much tonight except for flakes coming down.

      • About and inch this morning, but it is still snowing. Looks pretty out there right now, but I am glad to be home today. Traffic on the main road is moving slowly.

      • Sunny with a high around 60 forecast for today. The forecast for tomorrow is partly cloudy and round 60 again. Snow is predicted on Thursday, but that might change.

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful night skies. Here, it has been cloudy and grey during the day, and cloudy and darker grey at night… (and it’s snowing. again.)

    • I think we will have clear nights for the next few nights, so I can continue the series. Thanks, Dale.

      • Lucky you. It would appear the snow called for last week is here now. It’s been non-stop most of the day. I’ve shovelled twice and will have to do so yet again.

      • Stupid weather. It just doesn’t listen to the forecasters. Except for wind. When the forecasters say wind, motha naycha lets loose.

  3. Great detail in that moon shot, and to think there’s a VP that doesn’t think we can see the craters on the moon alllllll the way down here.

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