58 thoughts on “Three Photos & Two Questions

  1. This is a little embarrassing because I have seen the nest you made and hung…and it can’t see it.

    The watercolor sky is beautiful. 🙂

  2. I have never heard of a Devils moon before, Tim. Fabulous tree sky duet. I looked diligently for the next but alas, I’m like Susan – even when I opened up the photograph. Well done.

  3. I think I see some kind of nest box on the trunk of the bigger tree on the left. I am not sure which tree is Susan’s tree.

    I agree with Susan, the watercolor night sky is beautiful. We had mixed snow and rain here today, but it seems to be clearing somewhat tonight. I might see the moon yet. It is a Devil’s Moon if it is shining on Rt 66, which it probably is somewhere along the way tonight. 🙂

    • Or shining on old highway 666 in western NM when the moon is 66.6% full. The tree on the right is your tree and the big cottonwood on the left is Susan’s tree. You saw the nest. It’s at the V in Susan’s tree. The nest blends in well. I covered it inside and out with cottonwood bark. Thanks, Lavinia.

      • Thanks for the link, Tim. The route has an interesting history, and I am not surprised it was renamed. Who knows who or what travels a road? A musician friend told me a story some years back about the time he was traveling some long lonely highway in the west. Not sure which one. Long way between towns, and he was driving at night. The road became very foggy at one point, and he could barely see the road, and was afraid of having an accident. Just then a set of tail lights appeared in front of him. He thought he had caught up to another car, and followed them for a long way. Eventually they drove out of the fog and he discovered….there was no one in front of him. No towns around, no turn offs. No explanation.

  4. I see the box. I assumed you could not reach the top without one of your hot air balloons and that narrowed it down a bit. Fingers crossed for some inhabitants.

    • The owls won’t nest at the top of trees. The like there nests at 12 to 15 feet above the ground. I set the nest about the same height as the one that got cut down. It’s also close to the same diameter. I had to guess on the depth. Thanks, Susan.

  5. I didn’t look at the comments because I wanted to answer without any hints!
    I love the idea of 66.6% representing a Devil’s moon… but only if it means we do devilish things (not evil ones).
    As for the nest, is it on the tree to the left, just below the V? How low is it? It is high enough for them? Peu importe, as we say in French, it’s the thought and effort that counts if they diss it. It is so well camouflaged!!
    Love the sky photo as well.

    • It’s there. Look at the big cottonwood on the left at the V in the tree. The nest is covered with cottonwood bark so it blends in. Thanks, Dawn.

  6. Well, if it is 66.6% full and falls on May 4th, then it becomes the Death Star moon! Luckily I’m reading my missed posts backwards so you gave us a better look at the nest box or I probably would not have been able to find it.

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