Snake Eyes In The Mist

On Three One Two Three
Snake eyes peek through swirling mist
Convergence happens

As dusk settled in
Dragon’s breath consumed the sky
Snake eyes peered through haze

A hint of sunset
Under the moon’s watchful eye
Colors reach up high

45 thoughts on “Snake Eyes In The Mist

  1. I enjoyed your photos and Timku, Tim. It seems to be clearing up here a bit tonight, at least for now. I am going out shortly to see what I can see.

      • Too many clouds in all the wrong places. Looks like they are moving back in now. I did get a good view of Orion, and the moon, thinly veiled in cloud at the time. The skunks are out tonight, and I smelled one very nearby, so I carefully went back in,

      • “Too many clouds in all the wrong places.” Sounds like the making of a country song. No skunks spraying around here tonight. We got rain starting around 2 am. Thanks, Lavinia.

  2. The gods are not in my favour. Clouds, snow, more clouds, more snow…
    Thank goodness for you and your wonderful images!

  3. And there it is! Too much light pollution in Vegas for us to see it clearly…either that or our eyes were glazed over by then..both viable reasons for us missing it. Thanks for capturing the moment for us.

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