A Bunch Of Photos

Dawn @ 25ยบ F

Geoff bitched at me last night for commenting on his photos rather quickly. I did make a quick pass through them. I can take in images rather quickly. However, I did not read anything he wrote. As I explained to him, my eyes are really messed up, so I can’t see very well to read right now. You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting the images I normally post this time of year, i.e., cranes, owls, other critters, the bosque, and the Rio Grande. With my bad eyes, I don’t feel like going out and looking for things to photograph. I’ve been working on music more than photography lately. As far as other bloggers’ posts, I can read short pieces, but I have to skim longer pieces if I read them at all. As far as a lot of bloggers’ posts I would normally comment on, I don’t comment if the posts require a lot of reading.

Anyway, took a bunch of photos today between working on music videos, watering, playing guitar, doing laundry and dishes, and hearing cats.

House Finch

Spunk in the rags. Marble under a hoodie over the heater vent.

Beaker. He doesn’t like his picture taken. He keeps moving so it’s hard to get a clear shot using effects.

Midday clouds

Midday clouds with a floral filler.

Spunk and Loki


The End