A Bunch Of Photos

Dawn @ 25ΒΊ F

Geoff bitched at me last night for commenting on his photos rather quickly. I did make a quick pass through them. I can take in images rather quickly. However, I did not read anything he wrote. As I explained to him, my eyes are really messed up, so I can’t see very well to read right now. You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting the images I normally post this time of year, i.e., cranes, owls, other critters, the bosque, and the Rio Grande. With my bad eyes, I don’t feel like going out and looking for things to photograph. I’ve been working on music more than photography lately. As far as other bloggers’ posts, I can read short pieces, but I have to skim longer pieces if I read them at all. As far as a lot of bloggers’ posts I would normally comment on, I don’t comment if the posts require a lot of reading.

Anyway, took a bunch of photos today between working on music videos, watering, playing guitar, doing laundry and dishes, and hearing cats.

House Finch

Spunk in the rags. Marble under a hoodie over the heater vent.

Beaker. He doesn’t like his picture taken. He keeps moving so it’s hard to get a clear shot using effects.

Midday clouds

Midday clouds with a floral filler.

Spunk and Loki


The End

69 thoughts on “A Bunch Of Photos

  1. Whenever I see your magnificent photos of trees against a background of sunset, I sense there is great tranquility in this world. A wonderful meditative moment, Tim.

      • I have a macular wrinking in my left eye and cataracts in both eyes. My eye doctors don’t want to have them removed yet, but I may see about getting the cataracts removed this year. I’m having to get new glasses every six months.

  2. I’m sorry to hear that your eyes are giving you trouble, Tim. Thank you for the bunch of photographs. I enjoyed them, in particular the house finch.

  3. I’m sorry you’re having trouble with your eyes, Tim. You should not apologise whatsoever for how your read and ho much you do and Geoff should not have bitched.
    We all do what we can and want in this blogosphere. You are always so very generous with your shares.
    You keep being you and these images are fabulous!

  4. I am sorry your eyes are troubling you. The images are beautiful, Tim. Dale is right, we all do what we want and have time for. You have no need to apologize.

  5. Sorry to read about the troubles with your eyes. Did you had a medical eye test lately? Maybe a new set of glasses could help you a little bit? Or some extra rest breaks while sitting before your computer screen?

    • I’ve been having to get new glasses every 6 to 8 months for the past two years. An Ophthalmologist told me about the macular wrinkle in October after the tech gave up trying to get the left eye corrected. She said it’s not bad enough for surgery, just bad enough to screw up my vision. My most recent prescription I got at the end of December, and my vision is already changing. My optometrist doesn’t want to remove the cataracts yet. But I think I might neet to get them removed this year. I’ve had the cataracts for quite a while. Both eye doctors believe all the chemo got them started early. Thanks, Herman.

      • Thanks for your medical update concerning your eyes, Tim. Sorry to read this, I had no idea you were having such a hard time. I can imagine it’s very difficult when you’re taking photographs. It’s a real setback to be between 2 worlds and there’s no way to compromise the situation. I hope they can find a solution or help you soon with a surgery.
        Wishing you all the best, my friend! And thanks for this beautiful collection of photographs.

      • Autofocus is a lifesaver, but I can’t always see what I want to be in focus is really in focus. The photos of Beaker is a good example of that. So I get a lot more slightly out of focus photos these days. It’s especially frustrating with supersharp lenses. I miss the days when lenses had one infinity for anything beyond 100 feet. It made focusing for landscapes, most critters, and celestial bodies much easier.

      • Thank goodness you can use the Autofocus function, I can imagine it’s not perfect for a ‘real’ photographer and you prefer working in a more traditional way. But your photographs still look very beautiful.

      • I love autofocus, but I still need to see well enough to see that it has a sharp focus on what I want to be sharp.

  6. Timothy you do so much to make the world a brighter place with your fabulous photographs of your part of it. You also interact wonderfully with your followers. You’re out there every day regardless. I am so sorry you are having these troubles and I hope that surgery improves everything for you. And never mind what anyone else thinks unless it is the same !!!!

      • I mean it Timothy. One thing I find these days is that people are so quick to judge when they’ve no idea of the crosses people carry. You bring such joy with your stunning images and words, your fun vids and your generous share of your life, regardless of how you may be feeling, or seeing. The world is always a better place for those who do that.

  7. I certainly couldn’t resist the charms of your cats, but I preferred the first photo. Beautiful silhouettes of the trees that contrast against the red dawn.

  8. Both lovely and funny the ways, the finches feathers patterns are matching with the cat’s fur. And I like the floral filler, it is so special among your usual photography.

    • Thanks, Heidi. Those roses have been there awhile, but I noticed they looked photo worthy while hanging up clothes.

  9. Oh, Tim… this is an abundant bouquet of pictures! Kitties, Beaker, House Finch and painter all together towards a happy week! Thank you, my friend.
    ps you are already superhuman enough! πŸ˜‰

  10. These are amazing photos Tim. Just to clarify about my mention about your response being so quick. It was indeed because it came so soon after posting it. At no time was I thinking about whether young As read or not the text.

    • The response came off as complaining. I understand. It’s weird when comments come in so fast.

  11. Sorry, pressing the wrong buttons. See if I can get it right this time. At no time did I mean to question whether you had read my text or not. I was simply delighted that there was such a kind response so soon. I am so grateful to you and all the others who generously read my posts. I appreciate very much our regular contact, and swear to you the only thing I have to offer you is gratitude, good vibes and never any beastly bitching!!!!! Keep walking forward, my friend!

      • No. Macular degeneration is another thing and I don’t have that. A macular wrinkle is a wrinkle on the retna. It’s also known as a macular pucker. My cataracts are due to all the intense chemo I have had according to the eye doctors.

  12. Best wishes on the eye front. One of those senses you definitely want to keep on top of. Maybe Spunk can be your seeing-eye cat until things get straightened out. Great set of pictures – cute Finch.

    • Spunk, looking at me eye to eye, says,”I’ll take that eye and see you an eye. Eye eye, Spunk! Thanks, Brian.

  13. Glad you are working on music!
    Oh, I liked the last 2 Haiku. I forgot to mention that in the posts.

    Spunkie-Poo πŸ’‹ is too cute for words! xx

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