Worm Moon Riseth

The Worm Moon Riseth
On a March night behind clouds
Through trees, it showeth

Pink Dawn

X in the afternoon

Cranes at dusk

Worm Moon

Worm Moon in Resa’s Tree

Worm Moon in a random tree

The Rio Grande at dusk

Last stripes of dusk

45 thoughts on “Worm Moon Riseth

  1. You have got THE most vistas to capture, well… everything! I love these all. I looked at my rising worm moon. It was lovely and I didn’t bother to take its pic as it would look like every other moon I’ve captured. No trees, no mountains, no nothing…

  2. The images are stunning, Tim! I see the worm moon rising, too, tonight. There has been enough of a clearing tonight that I see the two bright planets in the west and the moon attempting to get through the bank of clouds fleeing eastward over the mountains. It is 40 degrees and pleasant out there right now, but if the clearing stays overnight, it will be really cold in the morning.

    Black ice roads here last night. An accident happened out on the main road about 9:00 PM, took out the horse fencing across the street and my other neighbor’s mailbox, for the second time. That section of fence has been hit many times. Lost a power pole over there twice. And we are not even Route 666.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. The clouds were too heavy in the western sky to see the planets tonight. It was mostly cloudy today, but it got up to 70. It was 37 this morning. It’s not supposed to freeze tonight, either. It sounds like that section of the road has its own curse.

  3. A lot of beauty in these photos! The moon was impressive as it rose in the eastern sky tonight. We had wondered what this one was called.

    • The name has to do with farmers plowing and planting in March or something like that. Thanks, Rebecca.

  4. What an enjoyable and powerful selection of photos, Tim. I particularly like the tree reaching out to the vast sky in “Pink Dawn”.

  5. Breathtaking photos!!! I’ve been hearing about the Worm Moon and look forward to seeing it tonight. We have a break from the rain so I’ll be on the lookout! All of these photos are gorgeous, and my favorite is “X in the Afternoon.” šŸ˜

    • The moon will still be 97.6% full tonight, so technically still a full moon. I missed the true full moon at 99.6% full on Sunday because it was overcast. However, it was 99.5% full for last night’s photos. Thanks, Samantha.

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