We Have Contact

Osric Owl

We have made contact
Major Tim to Osric Owl
Where might Nora be?

Osric Owl preening and stretching while keeping an eye on the tree Nora Owl is in.

Osric Owl and Nora Owl were in a tree about a mile north of us. Two large limbs broke off of their tree ruining their nest in 2021. I saw them with their owlets last year in a bosque between a horse and the llama farm about 1/4 mile north of us. I found Osric owl in a tree above a horse stall on the llama farm tonight. By observing the trees in his line of sight and watching him closely to see where he looked for an answer after he hooted, I think I spotted the broken tree where I think Nora Owl is sitting on her eggs. The tree is in the middle of the horse coral at the llama farm.

I think Nora Owl is nesting in the broken tree in the middle of the coral.

It couldn’t get a shot of the full opening in the broken tree, but this photo shows part of the opening.

I got back home to a fiery sunset.

62 thoughts on “We Have Contact

  1. Oh wow, Tim! That is fantabulous! So glad you were able to find Osric and possibly Nora. Wonderful shots of him. And what a great sunset to cap it all off.

    • Thanks, Dale. I figured I needed to get off my butt, and go out and find some owls. Life just isn’t right this time of year without owls.

  2. This is so great. Iโ€™m glad you found these owls again!
    You are also capturing some beautiful watercolor skies! I love them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Nice owlku for an intense moment of interspecific communication! I wish them luck with their this-year’s-upbringing of further lovely little owlets and opportunities for you, to watch them (and take photos, of course).

  4. Very exciting, hopefully we will also see Owl Nora in the coming weeks…
    At least you have a strong idea where she has her nest now.

  5. What a gift this is, Tim!
    I was sure they would come back.
    Here’s to eventually discovering your beautiful nest too!
    …and to top this, painter created a beautiful painting for you …and us!

  6. I love the owlku, Tim! I am glad you found Osric and Nora, and that they are not too far from you. Based on your photo, you may be able to see the little owlets pop up. The sunsets there are as lovely as always.

    We got about 1/2′ of snow overnight. Looks pretty right now. I took a few photos before it could melt. The old Sony Cybershot P93 camera finally died, and I am trying out a used Canon A800 now.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. How old was the old cybershopt? You really get use out of stuff. Is Seabisket still going?

      • The Cybershot was roughly 20 years old. I think we got it about the time we moved here. Old Seabisquit the 1993 Subaru Impreza ( I spell it with a q to avoid confusion with the racehorse ) is still going and had some repairs this winter. I got the used van, the Jupiter II, in 2021 in case we have a bad fire year and have to evacuate. I can get people and cats in that one as well as some supplies. It also serves as a truck of sorts.

  7. YAY! It’s not the end of an era! I look forward to the Owl postings!
    I’ve gotta run out for food right now. We’ve been eating mostly beans for the last 2 weeks. You know the story! Lol
    Will answer mail and visit more posts when I get back. xo

  8. Great shot of Osric. Glad you were able to track down this year’s home – clever placement in a llama farm – if any pesky humans get to close, they’ll spit on ’em ha.

    • The say owls are actually not very smart compared to other birds, but they seem smart enough when it comes to choosing nest sites. Those llamas can pe spitters. Thanks, Brian.

    • The Owlku, and the owl babies
      And then you got home to a fiery sunset!
      Love the ending
      Thanks to Osric
      Interesting choice of names –
      Osric is one of Shakespeareโ€™s most famous and entertaining minor characters.

    • We have a lot of owls. We get to listen to them in surround sound most nights. Thanks, Bruce.

    Happy your eyes seem to be working better cuz that’s a tiny shot to see. Hope they are in the hole.. so cold. ๐Ÿ’ž

    • Since my neighbor cut down the tree Mama owl had been nesting in since 2017, it’s nice to reconnect with Osric and Nora again. Thanks, Samantha.

  10. I love your shots of the owls Tim. The first image of him looking almost straight-on at you…not only did you capture the shot but you captured the “look” and I can’t explain it any other way in words. Just wonderful.

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